Flat-Rate Tile Replacement

  • Up-front and honest pricing
  • Replacement of up to 15 tiles
  • Replacement of more than 15 tiles at $10/per tile
  • Full Roof Evaluation Included with Photos
  • No estimate needed!
  • Exact or Close-Match to your home’s existing tile
  • Same or Next Day Service Available
  • Some Restrictions Apply

$450 Express Leak Repair


  • Honest, true pricing!
  • Roof leaks repaired same-day
  • No estimate needed!
  • $250 for additional leaks, up to 50 square feet
  • Express service covers 92% of all leaks you may find at your home
  • Same or Next day Service Available
  • Some Restrictions Apply


Even though your roof may appear to be in great condition, an interior leak can still occur without any signs or indications from the outside. This causes many homeowners to wonder if your roof needs to be replaced, or simply just repaired.

Many times, instead of replacing your entire roof – a simple repair will do. Repairs can range from minor maintenance issues, such as sealant around penetrations in your roof (which should be inspected every 3-5 yrs ), all the way to major repairs, such as replacing areas of your roof that have become compromised over time due to improper installation or lack of maintenance. We at Johnson Roofing pride ourselves with an extensive background to be able to help you determine what actions are necessary. If a repair is all that is needed, then there is no reason to replace a whole roof. And if a minor repair will suffice, then there may be no reason to replace sections of the roof.

Tile Roof Repairs

We are experienced with all types of Tile Roof Repairs for homes in Arizona – even those hard-to-find tile colors. Even if your exact color of tile is no longer available, we will find a close match which in most cases is unnoticeable from the ground.

Shingle Roof Repairs

Shingle Roofs are still very common in Arizona. Due to the storms and weather here locally, special care should be taken to repair and maintain these roofs. Johnson Roofing is the expert for all asphalt single roofs!

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roofs are especially tricky in Arizona, where a sudden desert storm can quickly cause a faulty flat roof to leak in minutes. Johnson Roofing is the local expert in flat-roof repairs!

About Us

We are a 100% family owned and operated local Arizona business.   With more than 40 combined years of experience in the Arizona roofing industry, Johnson Roofing is the local Arizona experts for all Tile, Shingle, and Flat roof repairs and replacement.  Contact Tyler and Grizelda Johnson today – and you’ll get incredible service and quality, with honest and true flat-rate pricing.

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