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Tile Roof Valleys

Roof Valleys are commonly found on almost every roof. While a valley may seem at first to be a concern, with proper installation and maintenance they can last as long as any other part of the roof. In fact, a valley can often be reused when a roof is getting replaced.

The main problem with valleys is when a valley ends on tile – instead of ending on the edge of a roof. Another problem which can occur with either the quantity and/or speed of water coming off the valley allows the water to splash or seep under the tile. Or, if the end of the valley is improperly placed, allowing water to sit on the underlayment – instead of on top of the tile. This issue will not typically cause a leak immediately, but over time. Excessive amounts of water on your underlayment will cause premature failure. Typically Johnson Roofing sees this occur within 10-15 years rather than the typical 30+ years – again, long after the expiration of the builders warranty. Normally when this type of leak occurs, the plywood base also requires replacement. This type of leak can easily be prevented by installing leak flashing at the end of a valley to help the rigid galvanized steel valley metal mold with the tile. This is why it is so important to choose a professional like Johnson Roofing when it comes to any roofing needs 480-467-4572.

Stretched Tile

Having stretched tile is the worst case scenario for a tile roof leak. When tiles are installed, the lines are measured out, and a 1×2 piece of wood is nailed to the roof deck to supply a location for a concrete roof tile to be laid on. In the case of clay tile, lines are simply marked with chalk on the roof – and the tile is nailed directly to the roof deck.  If any of these lines are too far apart, then the tile will not receive the required 3 inches of overlap. This will allow water to go under the tile, which then rots out the underlayment and causes leaks. Stretching usually only becomes evident after several years – and most likely long after the standard builder warranty has expired. If the stretching is found to affect only a limited row of tiles, it is possible to remove only the affected areas to be repaired. However, when stretching is found, it typically is found throughout the entire roof. When this occurs, the only way to correct the issue is to completely remove and redo the entire roof. This is why it is so important to choose a professional like Johnson Roofing when it comes to any roofing needs 480-467-4572.


Tile Dead Valleys

A dead valley is found where a roof slopes downward, and then ends at a wall. As you can imagine, the water is caught in this area and diverted, normally changing the direction of flow. This creates a large amount of water flowing on a low slope – which can often times work its way under the tile. The proper application for a dead valley is to use a metal channel to divert the water from the dead valley, and directly off of your roof. This can be accomplished using either a channel metal, or a valley metal. The transition between the two types of roofing – flat on the dead valley and tile, is where we find a large percentage of leaks. Also, while your tile roof may have a life expectancy of up to 40 yrs, few of these roofs are designed to hold up past 20 yrs. Both of these factors contribute to leaks over time. This is why it is so important to choose a professional like Johnson Roofing when it comes to any roofing needs 480-467-4572.

Johnson Roofing Tile Roof Repair Testimonials

My daughter recommended Johnson Roofing. provided Scotts’number. Called him came out within two days. Repair was scheduled within a week. Workers were on time and repair was completed within hours. Roof looks great. Office personnel were very helpful and patient. – Connie Gonzalez

Being a very busy Real Estate Agent, it is very important to work with companies that can deliver on both timing and quality. Johnson Roofing is a perfect example of the type of companies I enjoy doing business with. They answer their phone, are precise with their quotes, and complete the work when promised. A+ service every time!! – Mark Slavin

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