Flat Roofs


Common Flat Roof Repairs in Arizona

Flat roofs are any roof that has a pitch less than 2/12. These roofs require some type of rolled roofing or foam installation. The issues that these roofs tend to have stem from the fact that water has a tendency to look for the quickest way down. The lower the slope on a flat roof, the easier it is to literally go THROUGH the roof – rather than simply slide off of it. A small issue on a pitched roof can easily be a much larger leak on a flat roof. As such, flat roof are much higher maintenance than a sloped roof – and also carry a higher possibility of major issues if they are not maintained properly and regularly. This is why it is so important to choose a professional like Johnson Roofing when it comes to any roofing needs 480-467-4572.

Flat Roof Slopes

Flat roofs should not actually be completely flat! These roofs should have at least a minor slope, which is critical to preventing leaks on a flat roof. Any small obstruction can create ponding, which will then cause the water to backup. The water can then seep through a roof, or it can leave deposits which break down a roofing system over time. Any flat roof should have at least .5 in. of fall over 12 inches of run ( .5/12). You can install a roof on a lower slope, but it is not recommended, because it will commonly cause ponding to occur. If this is present, it must be resolved quickly or it could actually void a manufacturers warranty and shorten the life of the roofing systems. At Johnson Roofing we have several ways of dealing with ponding – such as building up a cricket system, over-framing, and using anti-ponding materials. If ponding exists on your flat roof, we will can easily assess the situation and provide the most effective solution to prevent future roofing failure. This is why it is so important to choose a professional like Johnson Roofing when it comes to any roofing needs 480-467-4572.

Johnson Roofing Flat Roof Customer Testimonials

I had an excellent experience with Johnson Roofing.  They provided an estimate for me while I was out of town including pictures of areas that needed attention and quoted the requested repairs as well as the price for a new roof.  I elected to only do the repairs and the work was completed in a timely manor and the work was of high quality.    Pictures of the roof were taken before and after the repairs which I liked. I couldn’t be happier with their work. – Nic C from Scottsdale, AZ

I was in a rush to get my roof repaired to sell our home, and they responded very quick. I had an inspector out within 1 day. The inspector, Philip, was a great guy. He thoroughly inspected my roof, gave me honest and detailed opinions, and gave me a fair price. From begining ro end, Philip did an amazing job.Scheduling was quick, and they provided photos of before and after. Just one small mistake that they rectified immediately. – Matthew G

I recently had a number of major (tile) roof leaks, and needed to get quotes and a quick repair. I did substantial research and decided to do a complete “refelting” on the back half (750 sq. ft.) of my roof, which is a fairly major undertaking. I had scheduled a number of estimates, including with Tyler Johnson. He was both the first one out, and offered the best lead time to do the actual repairs. He was thorough in his examination of the problems, and his quote was far lower than I expected based on what I had read, even though it included some innovative solutions to enhance the repairs and my peace of mind. I canceled the other quotes after talking to Tyler and accepting his estimate. Tyler’s crew was out one week later, and worked hard for two full days to completely strip my roof down to bare wood, refelt with two layers of underlayment, new battens, an entire new row of tile and replacement of the rest, bird stop, new drip edge, etc. The finished job was top notch, they thoroughly cleaned up after themselves, and I am a happy camper. I’ve already recommended Johnson to three of my neighbors with similar problems. – Ron S

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