Tamko Roofing Products

Tamko Roofing Products

As one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the nation, Tamko is committed to creating beautiful, innovative products to help homeowners craft their dream roofs. Since 1944, the TAMKO story has been one of innovation, quality and long-standing customer relationships. Though a lot has changed since they introduced their first shingle over 70 years ago in Joplin, Missouri, one thing remains the same: their commitment to constantly moving the industry forward with a wide variety of building products.

Today, Tamko remains headquartered in Joplin, the very place it first began, and operates additional manufacturing facilities and warehouse facilities across the country in order to serve its customers with roofing and building products.


Tamko Roofing Shingle and Metal Products Used By Johnson Roofing

Tamko Roofing Products Warranty

Depending on the products chosen, customers will receive at the least a 25 year warranty on up to a 50 year warranty. Ask us what the length of your warranty is on the Tamko roofing products you purchased from Johnson Roofing.

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